Support for Sue Grey – open letter to Prime Minister – 2/4/2021

Support for Sue Grey - open letter to Prime Minister - 2/4/2021

To the Prime Minister

I am writing to support the open letter by lawyer Sue Grey about the illegal approval and rollout of the Pfizer Comirnaty experimental mRNA /spike protein vaccine ("the Pfizer experimental vaccine") and misleading and deceptive claims by government that it is "safe and effective".

I am very concerned that you have not made clear to the public that the Pfizer experimental vaccine has only "provisional consent" for "restricted use by a limited number of patients". I do not understand why the entire population of New Zealand, most of whom are healthy and very few of whom are under any imminent threat from COVID, are being pushed to receive it.

You told us that this Pfizer experimental vaccine is "safe and effective". I now understand that is not true.
The official clinical (safety) trials will not be completed until 2023. So far it has only been tested on healthy people for a very short time. Nobody knows how it will affect frail, pregnant or sick people, those on other medications or what longer term effects there will be. If Pfizer thought their own product was "safe" why would they demand an indemnity from the New Zealand government before they supply it?

I do not understand why you told us it is "effective" when nobody knows if it stops infection, or stops the transmission of SARS-COV2 to other people. I now understand that it might just create more asymptomatic carriers and promote the spread of SAR-COV2.

It is not really "free" either, as we taxpayers are paying an undisclosed sum to Pfizer to buy it, indemnifying Pfizer for any claims, and we will be left with the cost of paying for treatment for any vaccine injuries through our hospitals and ACC.

Your messaging has misled those who do not look behind the PR spin and do their own research. It has led to threats of "no jab no job" and pressured many who do not want this experimental injection to receive it under duress, and without informed consent. The misleading messaging has divided families and our communities.
You were elected solely to represent the interests of the people of New Zealand. You owe fiduciary and other duties to us, not to Big Pharma, Bill Gates or any other hidden interests.

I urge you and your elected colleagues to:

  1. put an immediate stay on the rollout of the Pfizer “Comirnaty” vaccine;
  2. issue a statement to apologise to the people of New Zealand; and
  3. immediately correct the misleading impression that this injection is safe, effective or free.

A copy of Sue Grey’s letter can be viewed at

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