Protect the Mangapepeke Wetland. Abandon the Mount Messenger Bypass

Protect the Mangapepeke Wetland. Abandon the Mount Messenger Bypass

Dear Ministers,

To the Minister of Transport Michael Wood, Minister of LINZ Damien O'Connor, Minister for the Environment David Parker Minister of Conservation Kiri Allan Save the magical Mt Messenger wetland, kahikatea swamp, kiwi, pekapeka habitat in the Mangapepeke Valley. Please explore the superior and cheaper hidden solution that protects our taonga. This option has been costed at 150 million dollars less and will preserve this wonderful valley full of kiwi and bats for future generations.

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We instruct you to immediately disclose the full terms of the NZ Pfizer agreement

I urge you to immediately disclose the full terms of the Pfizer agreement and all analysis of that agreement.

To the current Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern, the Minister of Finance Grant Robertson, the Minister of Covid Response Chris Hipkins and CEO of Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet Brook Barrington and to the Director General of Health Ashley Bloomfield.

A secret agreement between Pfizer and various other governments has been disclosed. This includes an admission from Pfizer that the Pfizer Vax may not be safe or effective, and imposes obligations on governments to break laws and maintain secrecy to protect Pfizer.

This displays a lack of due diligence and respect for the rule of law or for the public you represent. It is in breach of our fundamental rights and freedoms and in breach of your fiduciary and other duties to us.

It is now very clear that the PfizerVax is unfit for purpose as it is not safe and does not prevent transmission, especially of the Delta variant. Over 180 New Zealanders have died after receiving the PfizerVax, and many others have suffered debilitating adverse effects. Your propaganda campaign has created fear, mislead and divided New Zealanders

We remind you that you are our representatives and that you had no authority to enter an agreement that was contrary to our interests.

We do not accept that you had any authority to make any such agreement on our behalf, particularly without a mandate from us and without compelling evidence that the PfizerVax was fit for purpose, safe, effective and that the health and economic benefits outweighed the risks.

Your actions and decisions have created a serious conflict of interest between your duties to us and your apparent desire to protect your own reputation.

Your actions have had serious adverse effects on many families and on the wellbeing and economy of New Zealand.
We urge and instruct you to immediately disclose the full terms of the Pfizer agreement and all analysis you have of that agreement.

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Petition seeking urgent suspension of experimental Pfizer Vax rollout to teenagers

Petition seeking urgent suspension of experimental Pfizer Vax rollout to teenagers

Dear Prime Minister, Minister of Covid, Director General of Health and Medsafe

Over the last few days there have been reports of post vaccine adverse effects, including the death of a 17 year old from St Mary's College, Ponsonby. Other teenagers have been airlifted to Starship hospital with serious heart issues after getting the PfizerVax.
Children have minimal risk from Covid. The UK authorities do not recommend vaccination of teenagers.
It is inexcusable to put young lives at risk for a government's vanity.
There is no urgent need to vaccinate our teenagers. They must not be sacrificed as a shield for others.
I urge you to immediately suspend the rollout of the Pfizer vaccine to teenagers until all reported post vaccine deaths of teenagers have been fully investigated and proven to be entirely unrelated to the vaccine.

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I urge you to approve CBD and other medicinal cannabis products under sec. 23(1) Medicines Act.

I urge you to approve CBD and other medicinal cannabis products under sec. 23(1) Medicines Act.

Dear Minister,

I urge you to approve NZ sourced safe affordable CBD and other medicinal cannabis products using your new public interest discretion under s23(1) of the Medicines Act (as amended on 19 May 2021).

The public wants safe affordable access to CBD and other natural products. We are tired of your bureaucratic red tape and excuses for delays.

This is urgent to promote the health and wellbeing of the many millions of New Zealanders who suffer from anxiety, pain, autoimmune and other chronic but debilitating disorders. Advice to FSANZ confirms CBD products are safe. Advice from Treasury confirms this will save on law enforcement costs. International research shows CBD will significantly reduce the cost of importing less effective pharmaceutical drugs, which often have serious side effects. The public support for medicinal cannabis is overwhelming.
You were elected to represent the people. We urge you to act promptly in the public interest to immediately make this safe natural product available to the many who need it and to protect our brave Green Fairies from prosecution for helping them.

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Support for Sue Grey – open letter to Prime Minister – 2/4/2021

Support for Sue Grey - open letter to Prime Minister - 2/4/2021

To the Prime Minister

I am writing to support the open letter by lawyer Sue Grey about the illegal approval and rollout of the Pfizer Comirnaty experimental mRNA /spike protein vaccine ("the Pfizer experimental vaccine") and misleading and deceptive claims by government that it is "safe and effective".

I am very concerned that you have not made clear to the public that the Pfizer experimental vaccine has only "provisional consent" for "restricted use by a limited number of patients". I do not understand why the entire population of New Zealand, most of whom are healthy and very few of whom are under any imminent threat from COVID, are being pushed to receive it.

You told us that this Pfizer experimental vaccine is "safe and effective". I now understand that is not true.
The official clinical (safety) trials will not be completed until 2023. So far it has only been tested on healthy people for a very short time. Nobody knows how it will affect frail, pregnant or sick people, those on other medications or what longer term effects there will be. If Pfizer thought their own product was "safe" why would they demand an indemnity from the New Zealand government before they supply it?

I do not understand why you told us it is "effective" when nobody knows if it stops infection, or stops the transmission of SARS-COV2 to other people. I now understand that it might just create more asymptomatic carriers and promote the spread of SAR-COV2.

It is not really "free" either, as we taxpayers are paying an undisclosed sum to Pfizer to buy it, indemnifying Pfizer for any claims, and we will be left with the cost of paying for treatment for any vaccine injuries through our hospitals and ACC.

Your messaging has misled those who do not look behind the PR spin and do their own research. It has led to threats of "no jab no job" and pressured many who do not want this experimental injection to receive it under duress, and without informed consent. The misleading messaging has divided families and our communities.
You were elected solely to represent the interests of the people of New Zealand. You owe fiduciary and other duties to us, not to Big Pharma, Bill Gates or any other hidden interests.

I urge you and your elected colleagues to:

  1. put an immediate stay on the rollout of the Pfizer “Comirnaty” vaccine;
  2. issue a statement to apologise to the people of New Zealand; and
  3. immediately correct the misleading impression that this injection is safe, effective or free.

A copy of Sue Grey’s letter can be viewed at

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Call On Air NZ CEO NOT To Sign Up To Covid Vaccine Travel Passport.

Call On Air NZ CEO NOT To Sign Up To Covid Vaccine Travel Passport.

Greg Foran. CEO Air NZ.

Dear Greg,
I would like to make you aware there are a lot of New Zealanders who will not be bullied, put their lives on the line or be used as pawns to promote vaccination and to boost profits for the pharmaceutical industry. Air New Zealand is ‘flying blind’ if it thinks that it can bully travellers into an experimental medical procedure. We call on all New Zealanders to stand together to boycott the “Health Passport”.

Air New Zealand and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) is on dangerous ground with its announcement to trial its “Health Passport” for proof of negative covid test or covid vaccine status for travellers. Airlines cannot put themselves in the position of making public health decisions that have serious consequences and subtly intimidating travellers into experimental medical procedures. Any of the vaccines that ANZ and IATA is wanting its passengers to have, will essentially be experimental with no research into long term safety or side effects.

The WHO adverse reaction monitoring website has already recorded 1225 deaths and over 100,000 reactions so vaccination is not without serious risk. The medical safety data sheet states that the vaccine may not prevent Covid infection, and the Government admits it may not even prevent transmission which makes it all the more pointless.

The passport creates a misleading impression that the vaccine protects against Covid and is safe. It doesn't help when our politicians and public health officials wilfully withhold information on reported side effects. The public of New Zealand should not be coerced into being guinea pigs and must not be discriminated against if they decline a vaccine.

The legislation around The NZ Bill of Rights and The Health and Disability Commission Act is very clear that the government cannot enforce mandatory or experimental medication. Holding a nation hostage so citizens can’t travel or go to work without a medical procedure is extortion and criminal confinement.

Mandatory vaccination for international travel has raises so many concerns for medical freedom and the right to choose one’s own health care.

The covid passport discriminates against specific sectors of the community. Already the vaccine is associated with foetal deaths, plus questions have been raised about effects on fertility that are still unanswered. This 'passport' discriminates against those who have underlying health conditions, such as a history of allergies, for whom the vaccine is even more dangerous. And it discriminates against those of us who would prefer to develop natural immunity and would decline a vaccine for holistic health reasons.

COVID vaccines utilise new technology, by which mRNA is injected into the body causing human cells to become factories of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein in order to stimulate the production of antibodies. This so called vaccine is literally changing the function of human cells in ways that have never been assessed. Since there is no guarantee that they do not prevent the transfer of infection, what is the point of a covid passport to ‘prove’ that an individual has had a vaccine?

Since polls show between half and a third of New Zealanders have declared their intention to decline a Sars-Cov2 vaccine, discriminating against non-vaccinating individuals means that hundreds of thousands of people will choose not to fly at all. We understand that Air New Zealand just wants to get people flying again, but enforcing discrimination against those us who do not wish to risk a medical procedure is unethical and illegal.

We have concerns that your policy starts the process of turning our society into a two class system of vaccinating and non-vaccinating with an electronic “gold star” for the compliant. ANZ are going down the dangerous road of the Chinese ‘social credit’ system of rewards for the compliant and punishment for the non-compliant.

Researchers are already saying that vaccine antibody protection may only last a year, whereas immunity gained by experiencing and recovering from SARS-COV2 (and its relative corona viruses) infection probably lasts a lifetime. We still do not know if having the vaccine prevents an individual from developing natural immunity to SAR-COV2. If it doesn’t, that means that enforcing a Health Passport policy may ensure that population immunity takes much longer to achieve and is a wasted opportunity for individuals to build robust, long lasting immunity.

The idiotic part of the whole “covid passport, is that most of us already have natural immunity to SARS-COV2. Italian researchers have established that Italy had SARS-COV2 far earlier than they realised and others researchers have found more than half their test subjects had already acquired immunity to SARS-CoV2 proteins. There is little doubt that New Zealand, with its massive tourism numbers, had also been experiencing a novel infectious agent for many months before closing the borders. If the government allowed antibody tests into New Zealand, it’s likely that at least half of us would show acquired immunity, in which case neither the vaccine nor the health passport are needed and the borders can be safely opened.

We are not unsympathetic to the struggles of the airlines with the down turn in international travel but forcing travellers into a covid health passport is not the answer to getting people back into international travel. Instead the government should be providing those treatments that have been found to be effective as well as figuring out who is already immune, and use that information to not just save lives but save airlines.

It is already well known that flying increases your risk of colds and flu symptoms, so protecting passengers health has rationale. The way to do that is to encourage travellers to use what has been proven effective – high dose vitamin C (one tablet hourly while flying), optimising vit D and Zinc levels before flying, getting adequate sleep, herbal immune boosters such as Echinacea and elderberry.

It’s important to reassure New Zealanders that the legislation around our Bill of Rights and The Health and Disability Commission Act is very clear that the government cannot enforce mandatory or experimental medication on its population. Any medical treatment must always be with individual consent otherwise it is assault and coercion.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) VigiAccess website is here:

Type in COMIRNATY into the search engine as that is the name of the Pfizer vaccine. Deaths are under "general conditions and site injuries"

VAERS data is here: but it's almost impossible to navigate for the uninitiated so a more useful link is here:

The UK report was from the UK government: this is the commentary on the report - the reference is below if you want to read the report yourself.


Pfizer: and

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