Call on all New Zealanders to boycott Qantas flights over compulsory covid vacinations

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Call on all New Zealanders to boycott Qantas flights

To Qantas Management

We call on all New Zealanders to boycott Qantas flights to show them that kiwis will not be bullied and used as pawns to promote vaccination and to boost profits for the pharmaceutical industry.

Qantas is ‘flying blind’ if it thinks that it can bully travelers into an experimental medical procedure.

There are hundreds of reasons people have for not vaccinating – none of which are any business of Qantas or any other airline. Vaccination is a personal choice, and should never be used as a reason to discriminate against individuals.

Researchers are already saying that vaccine antibody protection may only last a year, like the flu vaccine, whereas immunity gained by experiencing and recovering from SARS-COV2 (and its relative corona viruses) infection probably lasts a lifetime. An important research question that remains unanswered is “does having vaccine immunity prevent you from developing natural immunity to COVID-19 when you come in contact with it?” If vaccine studies can’t first answer that question, the rest of their research is meaningless. If a vaccine prevents the correct immune response of life-long immunity, then this will extend the length of any epidemic and make it more dangerous, not less so. And without that answer, the Qantas policy is also meaningless and potentially dangerous.

The silliest part of the whole “no jab, no fly” mandate is that by the time a vaccination has been created, properly tested and distributed, most of us will have created our own natural immunity to SARS-COV2. Italian researchers have established that Italy had Sars-Cov2 far earlier than they realised and there is little doubt that New Zealand, with its close ties to China, had also been experiencing a novel infectious agent for many months before quarantine was instigated. Overseas researchers have found more than half their test subjects had already acquired immunity to SARS-CoV-2 proteins. It’s likely that if we had antibody testing at least half of us would show acquired immunity.

The New Zealand Government should support and subsidise, instead of blocking, the import and use of antibody tests to discover what percentage of the population already has immunity to COVID. This will allow us to assess local COVID data correctly. Proper data will have the double benefit of reassuring our population that we are all ‘not going to die of COVID’ because the results will show many of us have been infected and recovered, or have immunity from some other corona virus. This will show that we don't need a vaccine and that will save the country millions of tax-payer dollars.

Forcing vaccination on travelers is not the answer to getting people back on planes. Qantas will learn the hard way.

It’s important for New Zealanders to know that the legislation around our Bill of Rights and The Health and Disability Commission Act is very clear that the government cannot enforce mandatory or experimental medication on its population. Any medical treatment must always be with individual consent otherwise it would be considered assault and may be resisted.

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This petition is generously sponsored by the NZ Outdoors Party and reflects the concerns of many in the community.

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